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Business Licensing

Any person wishing to trade in Gibraltar, be it wholesale or retail, or to provide a service in Gibraltar must hold a valid business licence (unless the relevant business is regulated by another enactment). Find out more about the Business Licencing Authority and download copies of the licence application forms.

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Online Access to Business forms

All forms and applications relating to the licensing and registration requirements of your business with various Government departments can now be downloaded for free from our website. This includes forms for the Department of Employment, Income Tax Office, Development and Planning Commission, HM Customs and the OFT. Just visit the Business Support section.

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Business Support

The Business Support team’s aim is to assist entrepreneurs with the process of establishing their new businesses in Gibraltar. We can provide guidance about your business’s licensing and registration requirements with the OFT and other HM Government of Gibraltar Departments.

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The Environmental Agency is contracted as an enforcement authority for HM Government of Gibraltar in the fields of environmental and public health. The Agency is responsible to the Minister for the Environment and plays an important role in delivering the environmental policies of HM Government of Gibraltar.

Some of the areas the agency is closely involved with are food hygiene and safety, the abatement of statutory nuisances, monitoring of air, drinking and bathing water quality, the control of dust, waste management, monitoring of building applications and investigation of infectious diseases. The Agency is also the competent authority for the issue of Hawkers and Pedlars Licences. Some activities overseen by the agency require licensing or registration, these are listed below:-

  • Waste handling/dealing
  • Scrap Metal handling/dealing
  • Importation of milk and water
  • Food premises
  • Importation of meat or meat products
  • Skin piercing/tattooing
  • Any activity where dust might be generated

Environmental Agency officers take an active part in health and environmental promotion campaigns throughout the year and visit schools and give presentations to interested parties. They are also involved in the delivery of training in the following areas:

  • Food Safety
  • Health & Safety at Work
  • Environmental Principles


Access all of the relevant Environmental Agency forms on our website.

Contact Us:

T - 200 70620
E - admin@eag.gi
W - www.environmental-agency.gi

About us

The OFT is a statutory regulator set up by Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar to protect the interests of consumers in Gibraltar and to ensure a fair market is maintained.

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