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Business Licensing

Any person wishing to trade in Gibraltar, be it wholesale or retail, or to provide a service in Gibraltar must hold a valid business licence (unless the relevant business is regulated by another enactment). Find out more about the Business Licencing Authority and download copies of the licence application forms.

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Online Access to Business forms

All forms and applications relating to the licensing and registration requirements of your business with various Government departments can now be downloaded for free from our website. This includes forms for the Department of Employment, Income Tax Office, Development and Planning Commission, HM Customs and the OFT. Just visit the Business Support section.

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Business Support

The Business Support team’s aim is to assist entrepreneurs with the process of establishing their new businesses in Gibraltar. We can provide guidance about your business’s licensing and registration requirements with the OFT and other HM Government of Gibraltar Departments.

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The Fair Trading Act 2015 (the Act) endows the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) with powers to carry out its regulatory functions and meet its objectives.

Consumer Protection Enforcers (CPE)

The main role of the CPEs is the protection of consumer interests and to ensure that all businesses comply with this legislation. CPEs will visit local traders to review their business practices, inspect weighing and measuring equipment used for trade and check business licences to ensure they are in place and up to date.

They will also monitor and check advertisements for accuracy, inspect and test goods for safety, ensure that no person is selling goods to consumers without a business licence and investigate matters and behaviour of business practices in Gibraltar that the Office of Fair Trading consider to be significantly harming consumers in Gibraltar.

The CP Enforcers’ powers include investigatory powers, the ability to enter into business premises with a warrant and the retention of documents.

The OFT Commission

The Commission is the quasi-judicial body of the Office of Fair Trading. If as a result of complaints received by the OFT or as a result of its own investigations there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that any feature, or combination of features, of a market in Gibraltar for goods or services is or appears to be significantly harming consumer interests the OFT may make a reference to the Commission.

Where, following a reference and any subsequent investigation carried out by the Commission, the Commission finds that the person named in the Reference has engaged in conduct which significantly harms consumer interests, the Commission may make an enforcement order against that person. The order would require the person to cease that conduct and may also require the person to issue a corrective statement or to provide proof of compliance. Compliance with an enforcement order shall be enforceable by civil proceedings.

For more information on the enforcement functions of the OFT please contact us:

T - 20071700
E - oft@gibraltar.gov.gi


About us

The OFT is a statutory regulator set up by Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar to protect the interests of consumers in Gibraltar and to ensure a fair market is maintained.

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