Consumer Awareness: Travelling in the “new normal”

With summer around the corner, many Gibraltar residents will be thinking about travelling abroad for a well-deserved holiday break.

As part of its on-going consumer awareness program, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is issuing this post-Brexit and COVID-19 travel guidance for consumers in an effort to minimise disappointments with holidays in the “new normal.”

We hope the guidance is of assistance. If you have any queries or have encountered any problems, please contact the OFT’s Consumer Protection Team.


Consumer Awareness - Rental Deposits

If you have ever rented a property you will have probably put down a rental deposit. The OFT unfortunately receives many complaints from tenants who face problems at the time of claiming back their deposits which are sometimes unjustifiably withheld by letting agents or landlords. 

Although there are codes of conduct for Real Estate Agents that stipulate how tenant deposits should be handled by them, the OFT has created guidance specifically for Gibraltar consumers that informs them about how rental deposits should be handled by letting agents and landlords. It also provides practical guidance to avoid issues at the end of their tenancies. We have also created a sample letter to assist consumers to formally request a return of their unjustly withheld deposits. You can find the consumer guidance here.

If you have experienced problems recovering your rental deposit, and you feel that it has been withheld unjustly, please get in contact with the OFT’s Consumer Protection team:

Product Recall: Ecover Zero Non Bio Laundry Liquid

Ecover is recalling bottles of Ecover Zero Non Bio Laundry Liquid 1.5 litres with two specific batch codes due to a safety concern.

The Office of Fair Trading is aware that a small number of the affected bottles have been sold locally. Ecover is taking this safety risk very seriously, and is recalling affected bottles from retailers and consumers immediately.

The affected bottles contain potassium hydroxide at hazardous levels that can cause the bottle to leak.

Contact with the liquid could result in harm to skin and eyes, including causing skin burns or eye damage. Ecover strongly advises consumers to not to open or use the product until they can confirm that their product is not affected.

Since only certain bottles of this product are affected, consumers can check whether they have an affected bottle and to organise careful collection and a refund by going to

Anyone who is unable to access the website can send an email to to arrange for them to call you. Alternatively, you can call 0044345 130 2230 (charges will apply but Ecover will be happy to reimburse you). Please do not attempt to contact Ecover via the telephone number found on the product bottle.

You may also contact the Office of Fair Trading for further information on: Tel: 20071700

Consumer Awareness: Goods bought on Sale

Have you ever wondered what your rights are when buying goods that are on sale?

Consumers have the same legal rights with regard to the purchase of sale items as they do when purchasing full priced goods.

Find out what these rights are and how you can exercise them with our guidance.

Consumer Awareness: Distant contracts, cancellations and refunds

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has noted that there has been an increase in online purchases of goods by local consumers from local traders, particularly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In line with this trend the OFT has seen an increase in complaints and queries regarding cancellations and refund rights following online purchases.

The OFT has reached tout to traders to inform them about the consumer's legal rights in relation to contracts made at a distance (or distant contracts). It is now also issuing this guidance to inform consumers of their rights when entering into distant contracts also.


Christmas shopping return and refund policies extended to 14th February

Consumers should note that in connection with the new lockdown measures introduced by the Government of Gibraltar trader’s return and refund policies for products purchased on or after 1st November 2020 have been extended to the 14th February 2021.

Regulation 5A of the Civil Contingencies Emergency (Coronavirus) (Businesses and Restrictions) (No.8) Regulations 2020 stipulates that:

“Any product that was purchased on or after the 1st of November 2020 that is subject to a return or refund policy shall have that policy extended to the 14th February 2021.”

It should be noted that these measures only apply to those products that were subject to a return or refund policy.

Should you encounter any problems or have doubts please contact the OFT’s Consumer Protection Team:


Tel:         20071700


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The above is provided as guidance only and should not therefore be relied upon as legal advice.

New Guidance for Risk Assessments

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) wishes to inform Real Estate Agents (REAs) and High Value Dealers (HVDs) that it has created new guidance notes to help REAs and HVDs carry out their money laundering and terrorism financing (ML/TF) risk assessments for their business. Risk Assessments are a legal requirement under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and need to be submitted annually to the OFT.

The OFT has issued these Guidance Notes:

  1. in response to shortcomings identified by the OFT regarding the quality of risk assessments submitted by REAs and HVDs;
  2. in response to requests from REAs and HVDs to provide guidance for the preparation of risk assessments; and
  3. in order to assist REAs and HVDs with the preparation of quality and appropriate risk assessments.

You can access the guidance on our website:

We encourage all REAs and HVDs to read the new guidance carefully and we hope that it assists them meeting their obligations under POCA.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the guidance notes please do not hesitate to contact the OFT and we will be delighted to assist you:

Awareness - Multi-Level Marketing businesses

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in collaboration with HM Customs, the Director of Public Health, and the Environmental Agency is today issuing public awareness on the matter concerning Multi-Level Marketing (also known as Network Marketing) businesses (MLMs).

The OFT has noted an increase in this type of business activity locally and has therefore issued appropriate guidance in this area in order to make local distributors aware of the issues they may face when trying to do business in this manner.

The OFT, HM Customs, Public Health and the Environmental Agency have recently cooperated in an investigation relating to a particular MLM with numerous local representatives where:

  1. the MLM had features that were very similar to an illegal pyramid scheme;
  2. goods have been seized upon importation for failure to meet local legal requirements;
  3. questionable advertising has been carried out on social media to promote the scheme and the goods being sold; and
  4. there were concerns about the safety of the goods themselves.

The OFT strongly recommends that local MLM distributors and those thinking of doing business in this manner consider the guidance issued in the awareness document. The guidance also explains local legal requirements that may make operating as part of an MLM in Gibraltar unfeasible.

The guidance, which contains links to helpful and easy to understand videos, can be found on the OFT’s website:

The OFT’s CEO, Mr Francis Muscat said:

‘The OFT’s concerns are not only how these schemes may harm consumers, but also how they may harm the persons who are recruited to be distributors. These persons are often stay at home mothers, students and vulnerable young adults who are simply trying to supplement their main income. They are lured to become distributors by the opportunity to make easy money, however, because some MLMs are similar to illegal pyramid schemes, not only do they rarely do so, they can instead end up in debt. In addition many do not realise that local legal requirements may make participating in these schemes economically unfeasible. They may therefore be doing business unlawfully.’

Anyone wishing to discuss the contents of the awareness, or who has any concerns about MLM schemes operating in Gibraltar should contact the OFT:

Consumer Awareness: Covid 19 Travel cancellations (Updated)

The OFT has updated its consumer guidance for Gibraltar consumers dealing with cancellations of travel arrangements as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was last issued in June 2020 however the OFT is updating its guidance to keep consumers abreast with the latest develops and to provide the most up to date guidance possible.

The Office of Fair Trading has received numerous complaints and queries relating to the cancellation of travel arrangements and holidays as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. These include cancellations by airlines, cruise ships, package holiday operators and other travel service providers.

The scale of these cancellations globally is unprecedented as the travel industry has been severely affected by the significant travel restrictions imposed by Governments for public health reasons.

For more assistance with any cancelled travel arrangements due to Covid-19 please contact the OFT Consumer Protection Team for assistance :

New AML/CFT & PF National Risk Assessment

The National Coordinator for AML/CFT has just issued the third and latest iteration of HM Government of Gibraltar's National Risk Assessment (NRA) for Money Laundering (ML), Terrorist Financing (TF) as well as Proliferation Financing (PF). An executive summary of the NRA has also been issued in tandem.

The NRA seeks to identify ML, TF and PF threats and vulnerabilities as they affect Gibraltar as a jurisdiction as well as public sector bodies and the private sector. The purpose of the NRA is to provide a realistic strengths-weaknesses analysis and to identify existing and future risks and map them effectively.

Businesses and professions (including Real Estate Agents (REAs) and High Value Dealers (HVDs) regulated by the OFT) must make use of these assessments to support their work to ensure that their systems of controls can prevent, detect and make the necessary disclosures to law enforcement agencies whenever ML, TF or PF is known to have occurred or when there is a suspicion of the same.

The OFT strongly encourages all REAs and HVDs to become acquainted with the relevant parts of the NRA that affect their businesses and to take note of the new risks set out therein to risk assess their business and update their AML/CFT policies and procedures as necessary. This is a legal obligation under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2015.



£5,000 fine for local real estate agent’s failure to meet money-laundering obligations

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has issued a £5000 financial penalty to a local real estate agent for failing to submit documents to the OFT.

Local real estate agents are required to submit various documents to the OFT as part of their Anti-Money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) obligations. These include business risk assessments, annual reports, and AML/CFT Policies and Procedures. 

Despite numerous requests for the documents and various deadline extensions dating back a significant time, the non-compliant real estate agent had not provided the outstanding documents required by the OFT. The OFT therefore issued the agent with a warning notice last month that it would issue a financial penalty if the documents were not submitted or representations made. Having received no formal response the OFT proceeded to issue the financial penalty.

It is the OFT’s role as a supervisory body under the Proceeds Of Crime Act 2015 to ensure that real estate agents and high value good dealers in Gibraltar comply with their AML/CFT obligations as set out in the Proceeds of Crimes Act 2015 and the OFT Guidance Notes for each of the sectors.

More information on the OFT’s AML/CFT role can be found here:

Consumer Awareness: COVID-19 Travel Cancellations

The Office of Fair Trading has received numerous complaints and queries relating to the cancellation of travel arrangements and holidays as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. These include cancellations by airlines, cruise ships, package holiday operators and other travel service providers.

The scale of these cancellations globally is unprecedented as the travel industry has been severely affected by the significant travel restrictions imposed by Governments for public health reasons. The OFT has therefore issued updated consumer guidance about the cancellation of travel arrangements as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


AML/CFT National Risk Assessment consultation launched

Gibraltar's anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) National Coordinator has today published a consultation draft of Gibraltar's new AML/CFT National Risk Assessment (NRA).

The consultation period will last for four weeks as from today and the draft will be circulated to various business organisations including the Gibraltar Association of Compliance Officers (GACO), the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses (GFSB) and the Chamber of Commerce. In addition the OFT will be circulating the draft to all Real Estate Agents and High Value Dealers which it regulates form an AML/CFT perspective.

The consultation is an opportunity for all businesses to have a say regarding Gibraltar's perceived AML/CFT risk generally and in specific industries and to contribute to this document which must be considered by all of the OFT's regulated entities in meeting their AML/CFT obligations.

All comments should be submitted by Friday the 5 June. Any individual, firm or association that would like to submit comments on this draft should do so via email to or via mail to PO Box 626.

Once the Draft has been finalised, it is also the intention to publish a more concise executive summary of the NRA to sit alongside the full NRA.

Coronavirus – High Demand Supplies Price Control


Further to the Office of Fair Trading’s (OFT) investigation into inflated prices for high demand goods as a result of the Coronavirus crisis (Press Release 209/2020) the OFT has received numerous complaints in respect of businesses allegedly profiteering from the sale of goods that are in short supply and key towards our mitigation of the spread of the virus. These goods include:

  1. hand sanitizer, soap and similar personal sanitation goods;
  2. face-masks;
  3. gloves;
  4. paracetamol, vitamins and inhalers;
  5. toilet paper, kitchen paper and tissues; and
  6. cleaning disinfectants.

In order to protect vulnerable consumers who in the circumstances may be willing to pay unreasonably inflated prices for these items, and to ensure that no one is taking advantage of the current crisis, HM Government of Gibraltar is introducing price control measures in relation to these high demand goods.

These controls will mean that a business shall be unable to sell or offer for sale any of these goods with an increase of more than 10% above the price for which they were sold prior to March 15, 2020.

Where the business is unable to source the goods for at the same price as prior to March 15, 2020 however they will be considered to have reasonable cause to raise prices to no more than 20% over the price paid for sourcing the good in Gibraltar.

All traders who have not previously traded in these goods may only sell these goods for no more than 20% over the price paid for sourcing the good in Gibraltar

A contravention of these restrictions may result in a fine of up to £10,000.

These price control measures will be monitored by the Office of Fair Trading’s Consumer Protection Enforcers who shall take appropriate and targeted enforcement action against any businesses engaging in these practices.

In order to allow a comprehensive assessment of the situation the OFT once again urges the public to report any abuses of these price control restrictions and other practices that may be detrimental to consumers in the current crisis. They can do so by e-mailing the OFT’s Consumer Protection Team ( or by calling the OFT (200 71700).




Coronavirus – Inflated prices

As part of its consumer protection responsibilities the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is monitoring the prices of certain goods for which there has been an elevated demand since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis.

While the OFT notes the positive response from many businesses working hard within our community to ameliorate the current situation, the office has received numerous complaints and gathered intelligence about significant price rises for everyday goods such as hand sanitiser, medicines and vitamins and toilet paper etc. It is concerned that certain traders in Gibraltar may be profiteering from the lack of supply to meet the increased demands to the detriment of consumers who may be vulnerable, and therefore willing, to pay unreasonably inflated prices.

The OFT wants to ensure that no one is taking advantage of the current crisis and will take appropriate and targeted enforcement action against any businesses engaging in practices which are causing harm to consumers. In order to allow a comprehensive assessment of the situation the OFT would welcome information from the public about any traders who, in their view, are abusing the current crisis.

They can do so by e-mailing the OFT’s Consumer Protection Team ( or by calling the OFT (200 71700).

The Minister for Business, Tourism and Transport the Hon. Vijay Daryanani said:
“This is not the moment for businesses to take advantage of the situation. We live in unprecedented times, and we need to show consideration towards our people. Our business community will start prospering again. In the meantime, we need to stick together and be patient.”

Local transposition of the EU’s 5th Money Laundering Directive

The National Coordinator for Anti-Money Laundering and the Combatting of Terrorist has published a newsletter covering amendments made to legislation in order to transpose the EU’s 5th Money Laundering Directive (2018/843) "5MLD" through the Proceeds of Crime Act 2015 (Amendment) Regulations 2020 ("5MLDRegs") published on the 13th March 2020 (LN110 of 2020).

The 5MLDRegs amend the following pieces of legislation;

1. Proceeds of Crime Act 2015

2. Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners Regulations 2017

3. National Coordinator for Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting Terrorist Financing Regulations 2016

4. Supervisory Bodies (Powers etc.) Regulations 2017

5. Terrorism Act 2018


COVID-19 - Measures to Increase Social Distancing

Further to HM Government of Gibraltar’s policy to increase social distancing and slow the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 the OFT's public counters are closed. The following measures have been put in place by the Office of Fair Trading.

The OFT remains committed to providing the best possible service to the public despite these measures. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Revised Code of Conduct for Real Estate Agents

The Minister with responsibility for Commercial Affairs, the Hon. Albert Isola MP, has issued a revised Code of Conduct for Real Estate Agents (REAs) in response to recommendations made by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and having considered stakeholder feedback.

This Code is a significant evolution of the previous Code of Conduct in place since October 2015 and provides further best-practice guidance and clarity to REA industry. The Code’s objective is to ensure a level playing field for all REAs in Gibraltar and to afford an optimum level of protection for their clients. Departures by REAs from the Code may be considered by the OFT when investigating matters which may be harming consumer interests.

You can find a copy of the new Code of Conduct here.

Consumer Rights Awareness


‘Black Friday’ is coming up and sees the commencement of the most intense annual period of consumer spending which continues with the run-up to Christmas and the annual January sales thereafter. In light of this the OFT is issuing the following guidance and recommendations to local consumers with a view to minimising disappointments during the festive season.

Remember your statutory rights

Any goods that you buy, whether in the high street or online must fit the description given, be of satisfactory quality and suitable for purpose. If they are not you may be entitled to refunds, repairs or replacements.

Shop around for the best prices in town

Look around for the best price before you buy. Refund and return policies are not obligatory and you may not be able to return an item just because you have found a cheaper price elsewhere.

Check if retailers have refund and return policies

Refund policies are only obligatory where goods are not as described, are of unsatisfactory quality and/or are not suitable for purpose. Many retailers nevertheless offer additional refund and return policies which differ from store to store. Make sure you check whether refunds, exchanges or credit notes are available and how long you have to make use of these. Remember, you do not automatically have the right to return unwanted purchases.


Many goods will come with a free warranty which offer consumers protection in addition to their statutory rights. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and follow instructions to validate your manufacturer’s warranty. Please note however that manufacturer’s warranties may not nec-essarily be applicable to goods sold in Gibraltar. You should therefore ask the retailer what war-ranty applies locally to each good.

Keep your receipts

If you wish to return your goods or make a claim against a retailer you will need proof of your purchase, so keep your receipts. You may also use any relevant bank and credit card statements where necessary.

Gift receipts

If buying a gift for a loved one ask for a gift receipt. These enable the recipient of the gift to exercise their rights to return the goods or make a claim against the retailer if something is wrong with the goods without revealing the price of the item.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are a popular present, however you need to be aware of the terms and conditions of each voucher, often found in small print. If a voucher has an expiry date this information should be communicated to you.

Act promptly if something is wrong

Check your purchases at the store or as soon as you get them home if they have been delivered. If something is wrong you will need to act promptly if you wish to exercise your statutory right reject the goods and claim a full refund.

Repairs or replacements

If goods are naturally defective (as opposed to being misused or suffering from normal wear and tear) and you’ve had them for some time, you may still be entitled to a free repair, like for like replacement or partial refund.

Do your online shopping in time

Retailers have up to 30 days to deliver goods unless otherwise agreed, so it's worth doing your online shopping early to ensure your goods arrive in time for Christmas. If you want your goods to arrive before Christmas make sure this is guaranteed by the retailer.

Remember your additional online shopping rights

In addition to your statutory rights, consumers also have additional protection when shopping online. In most cases consumers will have a 14 working day cancellation period, from delivery, to change their mind and get a full refund, including the basic delivery charges. You may be asked to cover the reasonable costs of return carriage but these must be made clear in the terms and conditions of sale.

January sales

Remember you have exactly the same rights on sale items as you do on full price goods. If a reduction is offered as a result of a fault that is pointed out to you however you will not be able to make a claim for this fault later.

We hope that you will find these tips useful and that they will help you avoid any unfortunate surprises during the festive season. Should you nevertheless encounter any problems or have doubts about your consumer rights please visit our 'Consumer protection' page or contact the OFT’s Consumer Protection Team:


Tel: 20071700

Developing AML/CFT regulation for REAs and HVDs

HM Government of Gibrlatar has issued a press release in relation to the OFT's developing AML/CFT regulation for real estate agents (REAs) and High Value Goods Dealers.

The new AML/CFT Guidance Notes for REAs and HVDs, the new Sample REA Customer Due Diligence Forms and HM Government of Gibraltar's 2018 AML/CFT National Risk Assessment can be downloaded from our website's 'AML/CFT' section.

'Black Friday', Christmas & January Sales

‘Black Friday’ is coming up and sees the commencement of the most intense annual period of consumer spending which continues with the run-up to Christmas and the annual January sales thereafter. In light of this the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is issuing a Consumer Information Notice giving guidance and recommendations to local consumers with a view to minimising disappointments during the festive season.

Halloween: Costumes and related items

Halloween is growing in popularity and increasingly consumers are making more purchases for the occasion. The Office of Fair Trading is therefore issuing the following guidance to help consumers avoid potentially dangerous halloween products.

For any further guidance do not hesitate to contact the OFT's Consumer Protection team:

AML Newsletters

The National Coordinator for Anti-Money Laundering and the Combatting of Terrorist Financing in Gibraltar has recently issued two newsletters to raise awareness of the following matters:

  1.  4MLD and Amendments to POCA - This newsletter covers amendments made to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2015 (POCA) as well the introduction and amendments to secondary legislation made since late 2016; and
  2. Gibraltar Based Non-Profit Organisations & the Risk of Abuse From Terrorist Funding - This newsletter highlights the threats and vulnerabilities that local NPO's face and how they may be abused to finance or materially support terrorism.

You can find full copies of the newsletters in the AML/CFT section of our website.


OFT attendance at CTSI conference

The OFT's Chief Executive Officer and Senior Consumer Protection Enforcer attended this year's Chartered Trading Standards Institute conference held in Harrogate, United Kingdom.

The Conference was well attended by many trading standards professionals throughout the UK and therefore proved to be a great opportunity to liaise with and learn from other professionals in relation to a multitude of consumer protection matters. The experience gained at the conference will no doubt guide and focus the OFT's future approach to dealing with consumer matters in Gibraltar and will allow the office to rely on the contacts made to assist it in doing so.


Website updates

We have updated the Business Licensing Authority section of our website to assist applicants with the process of obtaining a business licence. The site now gives easier to follow guidance about what is required by the BLA to process applications effectively.

We have also created a new AML/CFT section for our website which gives information about the OFT's new anti-money laundering/countering terrorist financing responsibilities.

Check them out!  


Best practice guidance for caterers

One of the responsibilities of the OFT, as set out in section 7 of the Fair Trading Act 2015, is to promote good business practices which may affect consumer interests and to give information and advice in this regard.

The OFT has received several complaints from consumers about issues they have had with restaurants / caterers regarding deposits, service charges and food description. Whereas the OFT has approached some restaurants / caterers individually in order to address any areas of specific concern, it has also decided to approach the local restaurant / catering industry generally with a view to raising awareness of these issues and providing best practice guidance with the objective of reducing complaints against this sector. It is hoped that this will ensure that all businesses within this sector are operating legally and on a level playing field with each other.

Restaurants have been sent a letter containing the new guidance and copies have also been circulated to the Gibraltar Federation of small Buisnesses and the Chamber of Commerce.

Read the guidance.


New awareness about hiring builders

As part of its on-going work, the OFT's Consumer Protection team has identified, through complaints received and through its own investigations, that consumers are unintentionally leaving themselves exposed at the time of selecting builders to carry out work in their homes. Consumers can often mitigate the risks of contracting with a rogue trader by asking the right questions.

For this reason the Consumer Protection team has created easy to follow guidance notes raising awareness of various issues that consumers may want to bear in mind at the time of hiring a builder.

If in doubt please also feel free to contact our Consumer Protection team directly (

You can find a copy of the new guidance here.

CP Enforcers commence inspections programme

As part of the Office of Fair Trading’s inspections programme, the Consumer Protection Enforcers (CPEs) will this week be visiting traders in Main Street to submit notices of inspections. During these rounds of inspections the CPEs will be looking out for any issues relating to:

  • Price display
  • Shop notices
  • Business licences

The CPE’s will be issuing guidance notes during first visits to assist traders with their compliance requirements. Should any trader wish to discuss any of these items or any other consumer related matter please get in touch with our Consumer Protection Team on:

New licensing guidance notes

Continuing our commitment to assisting with the setting up of businesses locally we have prepared new guidance notes for those wishing to apply for a new business licence. These are easy to read and understand and should make the process for applying for anew licence simple to understand. The Guidance notes also contains the new and expanded Approved Goods List produced in partnership with HM Customs. If you nevertheless still require any assistance with the set up of your new business please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Issue of Business Licences Relating to Trade in Tobacco

On 5th April 2016, the Hon Neil Costa MP issued a Ministerial Direction to the Business Licensing Authority in respect of the exercise of its functions under the Fair Trading Act 2015 when considering business licence applications relating to tobacco. The purpose of the Direction is to assist and guide the Business Licensing Authority on the position that Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar takes on this issue in the public interest.

A Press Release in respect of the Ministerial Direction can be read here.


Restricted Premises and Issue of Premises Waiver

On 9th February 2016 the Hon Neil Costa MP issued a Ministerial Direction to the Business Licensing Authority in relation to its functions in respect of restricted premises and the issue of premises waivers.

A Press Release in respect of the Ministerial Direction was issued on 23rd February 2016, the contents of which you can read here.



Revised business licensing forms

Continuing our commitment to ensuring that applying for a business licences is as easy for applicants as possible, we have once again revised and updated the business licensing forms. You can find all the new forms and our guidance notes on how to complete and submit these here.

The OFT would like to take the opportunity to remind those persons wishing to start up their new business that the OFT's Single Point of Contact is ready and waiting to assist them in establishing their new business and provide guidance in relation to carrying out all necessary registrations with the various HM Government of Gibraltar Departments. Find out more about this useful new service here or e-mail your query to

Online licence renewal issues

We have identified that our online system is having problems processing Business Licence renewals through the eGov website where licence-holders are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

In order to avoid these issues we would therefore recommend that licence-holders use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers to renew their licences.

We apologise for any inconvenience this unforeseen technical glitch has caused. If you nevertheless continue to experience problems please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and successful 2016.

Small Business Saturday

Gibraltar will be staging its third consecutive ‘Small Business Saturday’ tomorrow Saturday the 12th of December. Organised by the Ministry of Business and Employment, the event will take place along Main Street and its adjacent streets with participating shops offering discounts, special offers or gifts! 

There will also be festive fun for all the family which will include fair attractions, arts & crafts, free bouncy castles and other fun activities for children along the entirety of the city centre!

Find the poster with all the information here.

Segways and Drones

Segways and Drones have grown in popularity recently and their dropping prices means that they are becoming more accessible for purchase by the general public. As these items may be attractive Christmas gifts for consumers in Gibraltar, the Office of Fair Trading, in conjunction with HM Customs, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, would like to raise public awareness regarding these products to avoid any disappointments over the festive season.

You can find our full Press Release here.

You can find a useful FAQ about buying a drone from the Civil Aviation Authority here.

New business licensing forms and guidance notes

Having listened to feedback received in relation to the business licensing forms we have prepared new, easier to use forms with the aim of both assisting businesses with their applications and making it easier for the public to interpret notices published in relation to these. With regard to the former we have also created step-by-step guidance notes which will explain the application process and the information that is required to complete the forms. We trust that these will be of great assistance to many. You can find all the new forms and our guidance notes here.

Online Access to all the Business Forms

All forms and applications relating to the licensing and registration requirements of your business can now be downloaded for free from our website. This includes forms for the Department of Employment, Income Tax Office, Development and Planning Commission, HM Customs and the OFT. Just visit the Single Point of Contact section.

Business Licences

Any person wishing to trade in Gibraltar, be it wholesale or retail, or to provide a service in Gibraltar must hold a valid business licence unless the business is regulated by another enactment. Find out more about the Business Licencing Authority and download copies of the licence application forms.