Download awareness and guidance issued by the OFT below:

Awareness for consumers:

Consumer Awareness: Travel Guidance Awareness-May 2023 (updated May 2024)
Consumer Awareness: Hiring a Builder- Mar 2024
Consumer Awareness: Invasive Aesthetic Services- Nov 2023
Consumer Awareness: Travel Guidance Awareness - May 2023
Consumer Awareness: Travelling in the New Normal - July 2022
Consumer Awareness: Raising complaints & Resolving Disputes with a Business - January 2022
Consumer Awareness: Toy Safety & Halloween - October 2021
Consumer Awareness: Buying a second hand car - May 2021
Rental Deposits - March 2021
Sample Letter: Rental Deposit Return 
Consumer Awareness: Goods Bought on Sale - January 2021
Consumer Awareness: Distant contracts, cancellations and refunds - January 2021 (updated May 2021)
COVID-19: Cancelled Travel Guidance - June 2020 (updated August 2020)
Consumer Information Notice: Halloween
Consumer Information Notice: 'Black Friday', Christmas & January Sales
Consumer Awareness: Smart Online Shopping
Consumer Awareness: Segways and Drones

Awareness for businesses:

Best Practice Guidance: Caterers
Guidance: Business Licensing applications
Multi-Level Marketing businesses

AML/ CFT Awareness

Proceeds of Crime (Miscellaneous Amendment) Act 2021, Legislative Amendments newsletter
Multi-Level Marketing businesses
EU 4th Money Laundering Directive "4MLD" amendments newsletter
Gibraltar Based Non-Profit Organisations & the Risk of Abuse from Terrorist Funding newsletter

EU 5th Money Laundering Directive "5MLD" amendments newsletter


More Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) documents and guidance can be found here.